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Basel Historical Museum

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The society supports the Basel Historical Museum at all 3 locations

Barfüsser Church
Music Museum
Haus zum Kirschgarten

The Society

The Association for the Basel Historical Museum is the museum’s society of friends with the longest tradition. Our society gives all those interested in Basel’s history and cultural heritage an opportunity to learn more under expert guidance, both locally and on excursions further afield. The society grew out of the "Verein für die Mittelalterliche Sammlung und die Erhaltung baslerischer Altertümer" (1872–1891) and came into being when the museum was first installed in the Barfüsser Church.


After all,
the future needs a past.* Only those who know our roots can understand the present and shape the future.

*Odo Marquand, deutscher Philosoph (26.02.1928 - 09.05.2015)